Mr Nicholas Bayley

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Nicholas Bayley has been a counsellor and psychotherapist since 1998, having previously taught English in secondary schools.  As course leader to the professional qualifying counselling courses two days a week at Rewley House, he also works in private practice as a psychotherapist in Reading. 

Research interests

Nicholas's research interests are in poetry and psychoanalysis (interviews with poets who have had therapy, applying the study of poetics to psychotherapy), in humour in the consulting room (Can we laugh? Should we?), and in the processes of psychoanlaysis (we know it works, but how does it?).


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'From Counter Transference to Alterity: the Otherness of the Analyst' in Sitegeist No.2,  2002


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'Chewing It Over' College of Psychoanalysts UK Research Study Day 13 July 2013

'Who Dares, Speaks: critical theory, psychoanalysis and the poetics of confession' at the Universities Psychotherapy and Counselling Association annual conference, 2 November 2013.