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The Rewley House Lecture Series is an opportunity to experience the extraordinarily diverse research interests of academics from across and beyond the Department, and to participate in multidisciplinary debate.

Lectures are free and open to all.

Trinity term 2024 lecture: Tuesday 28 May 2024

Navigating the Tightrope of a UN Independent Mandate

The United Nations human rights work is upheld through the efforts of various independent experts, whose pro bono services seek to underscore the impartiality and independence of its human rights oversight. 

This lecture from Professor Nazila Ghanea explains the role of these experts and examines the balance to be struck in their work, including between independence and relevance, impartiality and robust reporting. 

Event details

Tuesday 28 May 2024, 4.30pm (16:30 BST).

This event will take place at Rewley House, Oxford, and will be livestreamed ​for those who wish to watch online. 

How to attend:

We hope to record the lecture and this recording will be shared with all who register after the event.

If joining us in Oxford, this event will take place in the Lecture Theatre, Rewley House. Doors open at 4pm.

1 Wellington Square


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About the speaker

Nazila Ghanea is Professor of International Human Rights Law and Director of the MSc in International Human Rights Law at the University of Oxford (Department for Continuing Education from 2007-2022 and since in the Faculty of Law). Prior to that, she was Senior Lecturer at the University of London, graduate teaching assistant at Keele University and a lecturer in the People’s Republic of China.

Though her nearly 30-year career has been rooted in academia, her academic work has regularly contributed to multilateral practice in international human rights law. Since August 2022 she has served as UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, which is an appointment made by the UN Human Rights Council. 

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