Rewley House Lecture Series

Free lectures open to all

The Rewley House Lecture Series is an opportunity to experience the extraordinarily diverse research interests of academics from across and beyond the Department, and to participate in multidisciplinary debate.

Lectures are free and are designed for researchers from all disciplines and members of the public.

Evidence-Based Government

Online lecture with Dr Philip Davies

Thursday 27 May 2021 from 4.30pm (UK time)

Join Dr Davies as he explores what it means for governments to be ‘evidence-based’ and for political decision makers to be ‘following the science’. Examples will be given of how evidence has informed government policy making in different countries and across policy areas.

Philip Davies is an Associate Fellow of the Department of Social Policy and Intervention at the University of Oxford. He is also Executive Director of Oxford Evidentia, a UK-based professional development and consulting company that undertakes capacity building in impact evaluation, research synthesis and evidence-based policy. 

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Past events

The Creativity Code

The Creativity Code

Prof Marcus du Sautoy asks 'Will a computer ever compose a symphony, write a prize-winning novel, or paint a masterpiece?'

Power-posing politicians, human pheromones, and other psychological myths

Power-posing politicians, human pheromones, and other psychological myths

Using his research in to human pheromones as an example, Tristram Wyatt will discuss how and why popular myths are created and how efforts have been made to address the ‘reproducibility crisis’.