History Research

History research at the Department for Continuing Education 

The Department for Continuing Education has a long tradition of teaching and research in historical subjects. Research in the Department is currently focussed on the following areas: 

  • Late medieval Britain
  • Social and economic history in Britain from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century 
  • The history of religion in Britain from the eighteenth to the twentieth century
  • The history of decoration in Europe in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
  • The history of the British in India and the British Empire
  • Modern British and European history
  • The historic environment
  • Local history

Research highlights, past and present:​


The Pioneer Generation: historical narratives of British South Asian lives, 1945-1968

Yasmin Khan's British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship research programme.

Designing Modern France: Tapestry and French Republics since 1870

A history of modern French tapestry and interior decoration under France’s three republics.

Prices from the Durham Obedientiary Accounts, 1368 – 1460

A study of commodity prices in the account rolls of Durham Cathedral Priory and its dependent cells in the period 1368 - 1460.

Through an artist’s eye: Felicia Browne and the Spanish Civil War

Professor Buchanan helps to contextualise the work of Felicia Browne.

Penelope's weaving and les années noires

Women entrepreneurs and the Aubusson tapestry rennaisance.

Lord Herbert of Cherbury

Lord Herbert was a complex, highly accomplished and much travelled Anglo-Welsh nobleman.

Victorian Elections and Political Culture Workshop

Friday 20 April 2018. Sponsored by the History Faculty and the Keble Research Centre in Victorian Political Culture.

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