Support access to lifelong learning

We are committed to extending the benefits of Oxford's research and scholarship beyond the full-time student body and provide a stimulating environment to nurture the life of the mind, by providing tutors and teaching resources dedicated to the needs of adult learners.

Offering opportunities for flexible, adult, lifelong learning is increasingly vital as people adapt to changed circumstances – whether upskilling, changing career path, seeking pathways into formal education, or rethinking life plans and improving their wellbeing – and we want to ensure that finances are not a barrier.

'Studying has been that one thing that has kept me sane throughout the lockdowns, the furlough and later the redundancy – thank you for the support, it is much appreciated.' 

Recipient of a 2020/21 Hardship Award

Supporting students

With your help, we can provide financial support to ensure that talented lifelong learners can achieve their full potential at Oxford.

The generosity of donors allows us to widen access to education at Oxford for a local and global community of learners.

All gifts – of any size – are vital to give us the freedom and flexibility to offer the best support to students in need.

How your gift could help

  • £25 could assist a local student with their travel costs
  • £50 could cover the cost of essential books for a term of study
  • £500 could pay for accommodation to attend a study week or a laptop to facilitate study
  • £2,000 could provide a fee bursary for learners on low incomes studying our certificates and diplomas
  • £15,000 could fund fees and a study support grant for courses such as our Undergraduate Certificate of Higher Education or Postgraduate Certificate in Ecological Survey Techniques

Investing in academic excellence

Securing academic posts is vital to the success of the Department. There is a continuing need to identify, nurture and retain high quality and dedicated staff that underpin our education, and to support world leading research.

Enhancing student experience

We aim to make the experience for lifelong learners as inviting, supportive and inclusive as that of Oxford's full-time students. We strive to enhance our teaching, accommodation, library and social spaces to meet the needs of our diverse learners.

How to donate or make a gift

Single or regular recurrent gifts to our bursary fund can be made through the 'donate' button.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a potential gift, support another area of our work, including funding scholarships, or are considering leaving a legacy gift in a will.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how your support can best serve our community of lifelong learners and bring life changing opportunities for continuing education to a wider spectrum of society. 

'The bursary that covered my tuition fees proved immensely useful because it provided a cushion for my unexpected expenses meaning I could focus on my studies. I am forever grateful for my experience at the department and the positive impact it has had on me.'

Assia Maryam, Undergraduate Certificate of Higher Education