Support the department

Supporting students

The generosity of donors enables us to extend opportunity. With your help, we can offer bursaries to ensure that talented individuals from home and overseas can achieve their full potential at Oxford.

All gifts - of whatever size - are vital, and smaller donations can be amalgamated to create greater scholarships. Every gift counts and we invite you to join us in this endeavour.

How your gift could help

£25 could help a local student with their travel costs

£50 could help pay for overnight accommodation

£500 could pay for a student to take one of our online courses

£1,000 could cover travel expenses for students attending key modules in Oxford

£5,000 could enable a student to undertake our Foundation Certificate in either English Literature or History

£30,000 could enable a student to undertake our Master of Studies in International Human Rights Law, including their travel and associated costs - thus, removing all financial constraints from their participation.

Supporting teaching staff

Securing academic posts is vital to the success of the Department. There is a continuing need to find and retain high quality and dedicated staff.

Improving facilities

We are committed to providing the best possible student experience for those who choose to study with us. To this end, we are eager to enhance our physical space within Oxford by creating further teaching, accommodation and social spaces. We aim to make the student experience for lifelong learners as welcoming and supportive as that of Oxford's full-time students.