Architectural history

Study part-time with Oxford University

Short courses for beginners and professionals

Learn to ‘read’ architecture in a critically informed way, and to recognize and differentiate between major architectural styles. Introductory short courses are augmented by those that focus on important architectural movements and practitioners, and the architecture of the city of Oxford and the local region. 

Our programme of courses and workshops in the historic environment offer expert tuition for professionals whose work involves fieldwork, planning, management, curation and research, and also for members of the public with a keen interest in archaeology and historic buildings. 

Undergraduate and postgraduate programmes

Many of our short courses, including flexible online courses, weekly classes (both in Oxford and online) and some summer schools, can be studied for credit, which means they can count towards a recognised qualification such as our Undergraduate Certificate of Higher Education.

We also offer two part-time graduate programmes:

Upcoming courses

Online - flexible • Short courses
  • Wed 26 Jan 2022 – 08 Apr 2022
Weekend • Short courses
  • Fri 28 Jan 2022 – 30 Jan 2022
  • 6.30pm Friday - 1.00pm Sunday
Weekly • Short courses
  • Thu 03 Mar 2022 – Thu 31 Mar 2022
  • 5 meetings
  • 10:30am – 12:30pm
Weekend • Short courses
  • Sat 02 Apr 2022
  • 9.45am-5.30pm
Online - flexible • Short courses
  • Wed 27 Apr 2022 – 08 Jul 2022