Archaeology research

Archaeological research at the Department for Continuing Education

Research in the Department includes:

  • Landscape archaeology (all periods)
  • Theory and material culture
  • Heritage and professional archaeology
  • Community, outreach and public engagement
  • Archaeology of early medieval northern Europe

Archaeology has been a focus of research at the Department for Continuing Education for over 50 years, under successive Directors of Study. In the 1970s the department played a key role in bringing archaeological research and teaching into the professional sphere. In the 1980s and 1990s a number of high-profile research projects and excavations inspired many people to undertake study and research in the subject, and provided fieldwork opportunities and training.

In the 21st century, our research has provided a context for postgraduate studies including a part-time MSc and D.Phil in Archaeology (see related courses), The emphasis in staff and student research continues to be on landscape archaeological approaches (of all periods), but these are by no means limited to the UK in scope. Professional archaeology and heritage have formed a strong focus, backed up by our training courses in the historic environment. We have also developed our emphasis on community archaeological research, public engagement and outreach. We maintain close links with the university museums and with the School of Archaeology at Oxford (which runs full-time Masters and D.Phil courses), with which we share many common interests.

Research highlights, past and present:

Birsay-Skaill landscape archaeology project

Survey and geophysics have been carried out at two locations on the west mainland of Orkney, at Birsay Bay and the Bay of Skaill.

East Oxford community archaeology

Prehistoric, Roman and Medieval settlements, a medieval leper hospital and nunnery - the area has a rich industrial and modern heritage.

The Appleton Area Archaeological Research Project

A community archaeology project exploring the Oxfordshire villages of Appleton and Eaton.

Upcoming courses

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