Economics and politics


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Arguably, there is little in our lives that Economics and Politics doesn't touch. These days, the study of both is probably more exciting and more useful than ever.

Economics studies the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth – how consumers, firms and governments determine how resources are allocated. The study of Politics is the study of governance and debate, and provides an understanding of the impact of political institutions on modern societies. 

Studying Economics and Politics helps make sense of governmental policy-making, the conduct of businesses and the enormous economic transformations happening throughout the world.

Many of our courses can be studied for credit which means they can count towards a recognised qualification, such as our Undergraduate Certificate of Higher Education.

Upcoming courses

Social Policy and Welfare States in the 21st Century (Online)

  • Short courses
  • Mon 27 Jan 2020 to 14 Apr 2020

Financial Crisis and Economic Policy Responses

  • Short courses
  • Sat 18 Apr 2020
  • 08.45 - 17.00

Microeconomics: An Introduction (Online)

  • Short courses
  • Mon 20 Apr 2020 to 03 Jul 2020

'Sweet Enemies': Britain, France and the Entente Cordiale

  • Short courses
  • Wed 22 Apr 2020 to Wed 24 Jun 2020
  • 2:00-4:00pm 10 meetings