Dr Louise Bezuidenhout

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Louise is a social scientist specialising in Critical Data Studies. Her work examines the evolving Open Data/Open Science landscape and the evolution of data sharing infrastructures, practices and communities. In particular, her work focuses on issues of justice, access and marginalization. It identifies social, regulatory and political barriers that emerge in the Open Science landscape and shape researcher engagement. Her work has a strong empirical component and she has conducted fieldwork in a number of African countries, including South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Sudan. She has also worked in the US and UK.


In the Department for Continuing Education, Louise is a departmental lecturer. She works with colleagues in the graduate school to support postgraduate students in the Social Sciences. In particular, she is engaged in planning the Graduate Training Weeks, the social sciences seminars and expanding the methods training options for students. She also coordinates the interdisciplinary research methods course, Mixing it Up.