Dr Anna Badyina

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Anna Badyina a human geographer with research interests in contemporary questions concerning housing and sustainable urban development, solidarity practices and politics, and knowledge generation from innovative practical solutions. She has explored the political economic dynamics and struggles that shape today’s cities and living environments, focusing in particular on gentrification and socio-spatial polarisation, informal settlements, policy discourses and representations of urban reality, privatisation of the commons and the practice and politics of the right-to-the city. She has considered how the living practices of daily activities and situated knowledge can foster solidarity, creativity and social transformations. Her research is interdisciplinary and builds on perspectives in political economy, urban and social geography, housing and cultural studies, as well as phenomenological studies.

Her work has had a direct impact on policy developments and practices, involving such fields as sustainable housing, spatial and urban planning, land policy and management, environmental sustainability of settlements, and voluntary and community activism.

This has largely been done through her consultancy and research missions with UN organisations, including United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), UN-Habitat, and UNDP.  Most recently, this has included her participation in the co-production and promotion of the New Urban Agenda, which is the key international policy document to guide governments and other stakeholders across the globe in their work on sustainable housing and urban development for the next couple of decades.

Before joining the Department, Anna held a number of other research and visiting positions at leading universities, including at the University of Southampton, University of Birmingham, Oxford University’s School of Geography and the Environment, and the University of Helsinki. She holds a DPhil from the University of Oxford. Before engaging in an academic career, she had several years of business and administration experience in property development and land governance.

In her current role she focusses on the implementation of a EU-wide project - the Smart Shrinkage Solutions – Fostering Resilient Cities in Inner Peripheries of Europe (3S RECIPE), funded by the ERA-NET Cofund Smart Urban Futures (ENSUF). This project will explore and identify the best practices and workable solutions to the problem of urban shrinkage - continuous depopulation affecting more than 1,500 cities in Europe.

Research Interests

  • Urban restructurings in the context of rapid societal transformations
  • Gentrification and socio-spatial fragmentation
  • Discourses and representations of socio-spatial relations
  • Housing conditions, housing policy, practice and theory
  • Lived experience and embodied politics of voluntary and community activism
  • The mobilisation of sustainability knowledge and situated innovation 


DPhil (Human Geography) University of Oxford, 2012

MSc (Built Environment) Royal Institute of Technology, 2003

University Degree (Land Management), Pacific National University


2016 -2017 - Research Assistant to Professor Linda McDowell on Horizon 2020 project SOLIDUS, Solidarity in European Societies: Empowerment, Social Justice and Citizenship.

2012-2016 – Visiting Research Associate, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford.

2012-2014: Research Fellow and Honorary Research Fellow, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham.

2013: Visiting Research Fellow, Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki.

2012: Research Assistant to Professor Linda McDowell on Gender, Ethnicity, Migration and Service Employment, University of Oxford.