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Computing can be described as any goal-oriented activity that involves the use of computers. This might include programming, designing databases, doing research, creating and using communications media, and systems analysis.

Mathematics may be the most versatile of the sciences. The Department’s courses in mathematics and statistics seek to provide practical application of maths, to explain phenomena that occur in the real world, or give insight into the future of computing. You might learn the basics of mathematical principles; you might discover how a leopard gets its spots; or you might explore quantum theory and relativity.

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Many of our short courses, including flexible online courses, weekly classes (both in Oxford and online) and some summer schools, can be studied for credit, which means they can count towards a recognised qualification such as our Undergraduate Certificate of Higher Education.

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Take your knowledge and experience of practical software development to a new level with the Advanced Diploma in IT Systems Analysis and Design

Taught entirely online, this one-year part-time course includes many of the basic modelling techniques used in contemporary software and data analysis. You also have the chance to apply these ideas through the analysis of a real problem as you would in a realistic operational environment – working in small teams to tight deadlines.

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