Magda Baciu

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Business owner and entrepreneur, Magda Baciu enrolled on Artificial Intelligence: Cloud and Edge Implementations to learn more about leveraging the power of advanced data solutions. She has also recently been featured by Forbes Romania in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

'At the time of enrolling onto the course, I was leading my own business, House Of Progress, a digital data analytics and online marketing agency. I'd always found it interesting to mix very different fields – which in my case was data engineering, data analysis and online marketing. Having worked with more than 50 businesses, continually cutting marketing costs by leveraging the power of data, I was intrigued to see what the results would be if we utilised further advanced data solutions – which is what inspired me to pursue this course.

'The most challenging aspect of the programme was the complex and comprehensive curricula. Going from IoT to robotics, from GCP to Azure, from math to various data science libraries was very challenging, but I would 100% do it again. I'll continue to study more about the area, but I don't think I'd know how to go about it if I hadn't attended the Artificial Intelligence: Cloud and Edge Implementations programme. This course has given me the foundations I need to progress.

'What I enjoyed the most were the case studies where we had to code on our own. It wasn't an easy task but we worked in teams and received the support and guidance of the programme organizers. Consequently, I also made a couple of lifetime friends, which has been valuable too.

'My plans for the future are heavily focussed on my business, House Of Progress. The company is significantly scaling up at the moment and I'm blessed with an amazing team. We also pre-launched a second business, Growth Savvy, where we'll build courses to bridge the gap between digital data engineers and online marketing specialists.

'As we build more and more complex courses, we'll also integrate data science tactics learnt during the programme which we are very excited about. These are my main projects for the next decade – bootstrapping at the moment and preparing step by step for the first investment round.

'I'd encourage anyone to stretch a bit for a few months and attend this course. I'd also say that it would be a good idea to do some pre-study before starting the course to ease the learning journey.'

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