Vibhu Gautam

Student spotlight details

Vibhu was attracted to studying at the Department as he was looking for a ‘holistic data science course’. He is now working as a Data Scientist at Micron Memory Japan.

'I was looking for a holistic data science course targeting the Internet of Things (IoT) industrial revolution 4.0 (IR4.0), there are many Data Science course and boot camps available though they mainly focus on Programing Language Skills, the holistic nature and latest content of the course attracted me the most. I did my masters in System on Chip from University of Southampton and my master thesis was then in application of Machine Learning in Mobile Healthcare Devices, the researcher and professor then had a strong intuition of systematic physically interconnected system of systems emulating natural process. Perhaps industrial revolution is start of that era; hence I believe Data Science needs to be a language and not just the skill which everyone needs to speak. The course was exactly this, and had a perfect mixture and perspective from people of different area of expertise and region.

'With the advent of Data Science & Machine Learning, to be called the key ingredient responsible for IR4.0, is its amalgamation of Different Technologies, Mathematical Techniques and Domain Knowledge. This depth and breadth of understanding which is needed for this course was one of the biggest challenge for me. In addition, since many techniques are in the initial stages and not available at industrial standards, hence need to be experimented and tried hands on.

'The course was delivered by Industry pioneers and practitioner, hence we got an in-depth hands on experience of what is currently industrial trend in Data Science and IoT. The course had very well-crafted assignments and enough time for practice exercises. In addition, the diversity of people in the course made it collaborative and enjoyable.

'I am currently working as Data Scientist at Micron Memory Japan, working primarily toward building Smart Memory Manufacturing Fab, targeting yield, life cycle and other manufacturing constraints.

'I would strongly suggest this course to anyone who wants to have a holistic and latest understanding of what is current trends of Data Science, Machine Learning and IOT in industry. Though this course is not a usual programming skill practice boot camp, the course had people from all diverse professional and working experience, hence some experience in this area would helpful. Lastly as I said, Data Science and related techniques would be the language used in IR4.0, hence from my view point it is not a need but a requirement to be successful in this age of automation.'

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