Sara Ali

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Sara Ali was attracted to the Advanced Diploma in IT Systems Analysis and Design so she could progress in her career and, with it being fully online, she was easily able to fit it around her work commitments.

'I am an IT Specialist and Network Systems Administrator at Erbil International Airport with more than 10 years of experience in the technology field. Ever since my graduation from university, I've been pursuing opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills in information technology by attending worldwide and local IT trainings and seminars.

'As the years went by, I decided to seek a higher goal, and after a thorough search, I decided to apply to the Advanced Diploma in IT course, mostly because my profession requires a better grasp of information technology systems analysis and design.

'System analysis is critical since it aids in the comprehension of the complexity and variations embedded within every network and the systems they serve. Additionally, it aids in recognizing how technologies affect networks, users, applications, and devices. Likewise, I want to improve my grasp of how systems are designed in terms of data organisation, procedural methodologies, architecture, and data-driven procedures. 

'Personally, I thought the assignments to be the most demanding aspect of this course, as they assess your knowledge, comprehension, and grasp of the material and need you to utilise all of your resources to seek for and discover the correct solutions to each issue. Nonetheless, this is one of the most gratifying and fun sections, as it expands your thinking and ideas beyond the pages of the book and helps you experience real-world scenarios and issues that we as IT professionals may encounter. Additionally, the course director, tutors, and students engage in a very friendly and supportive manner. Sharing views, ideas, information, and experiences significantly enhances the knowledge learned throughout this course.

'This course will allow me to pursue my professional goals while also enhancing my contribution to firms that demand information analysis, design, and implementation into their computer systems. Earning an advanced diploma from Oxford University enables me to advance my career as a respected employee and employer in a commercial organisation. I will be applying what I've learned in this course to real-world challenges where manual methods (pen and paper) are still in use to process data; despite the fact that, the demand for automated and extremely complicated information systems grows as technology progresses and the amount of information/data rises.

'I would strongly suggest this course to anyone who possesses the passion and determination to achieve their aspirations of studying at a world-class institution where knowledge is acquired creatively. This programme will help you develop your communication, talents and teamwork abilities. I believe that enrolling in this course will significantly contribute to your growth and skills in assessing and addressing computer system problems.

'On a final note, since this course is taught entirely online, it has no negative influence on your work productivity as you can fit it into your schedules with modest time management adjustments. Also, attending the award ceremony in the renowned Sheldonian theatre would be an ideal way to cap off an incredible learning experience.'

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