Hardeep Narwan

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Being in full-time work, alongside family commitments and being out of touch with formal education were all reasons why Hardeep hesitated about enrolling onto our Advanced Diploma in IT Systems Analysis and Design. However, he took the plunge and came away describing the course as the 'most rewarding period of learning' he can remember.

'I am a Principal Engineer at Oracle Corporation working with software used in the Health Sciences industry. Although, over the last 20 years I have gained cross-functional technology experience through a variety of roles, I felt there were still some gaps in my knowledge. There are, after all, lots of disciplines involved in turning user requirements into an appropriate software system.

'I had spent a long time searching for the right course but never found anything like this which offered such comprehensive instruction with the right blend of theory and practice. In addition, Oxford University’s world-class reputation assured me I would have access to the best available tutors and teaching materials.

'This course has surpassed all my expectations. It is taught in a pragmatic style and the material compiled for each unit was amongst the most engaging and informative I have ever read. Even subjects which I had previously found a little too abstract or dry were explained in a way I could understand and relate to. Accompanied by everything I learnt via the thoughtfully selected recommended literature, I now have confidence with concepts I had previously struggled with. I received invaluable feedback and guidance from my incredible tutor, and I really enjoyed interacting with a very talented and enthusiastic student community at Oxford.

'Having done lots of self-study and professional certifications over recent years, this has, by far, been the most rewarding period of learning I can remember.

'I would recommend this course for anyone who is or will be working in a technical discipline which involves software - from business analysts, architects, developers, and product/development managers. I think it also provides vital knowledge to those who are on the software implementation and maintenance side including DevOps and Product Support. In my experience, especially with working in larger companies, it is practically impossible to get such a solid grounding in so many aspects of what it takes to design, build and run software systems. Having an appreciation of how things work upstream and downstream will inevitably make you better at your own job.

'I have come away from this course with a deeper understanding of amongst other things, software development methodologies, UI design, data flow and modelling techniques, relational theory, database design and object-orientated programming. In the final unit, the team project brought everything together and I was also able to further develop skills like communication and collaboration. All of which is essential when working in product and development teams.

'Initially, I was reluctant to take this course. My list of excuses included not having been in formal education for over 20 years, not having enough time with 2 children both under the ages of 2 and a demanding, full-time job. I am glad I did not talk myself out of it. The only advice I would give to anyone thinking about taking this course is if you have a genuine interest to learn you should apply to see if this course aligns with your objectives and capabilities.'

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