Tutor information

Neil Young

Neil is the Facility Manager of the David Cockayne Centre for Electron Microscopy and faculty member in the Department of Materials. He manages the Departments teaching and training in electron microscopy as well as strategy and daily operation of the facilities within the EM centre. He is particularly focused on developing expertise and applications in advanced TEM techniques such as HRTEM, STEM and electron exit-wave function restoration. He teaches graduate and undergraduate classes in materials characterisation and EM.

Neil studied physics at Birmingham University and also obtained a PhD in Nanoscale Physics from Birmingham in 2007. Personal research interests include the atomic-level characterisation of functional nanoparticles, with a particular interest in structure-property studies of catalysts. Neil uses advanced instrumentation such as the Oxford-JEOL 2200MCO aberration-corrected microscope in addition to aberration-corrected in-situ and ETEM facilities around the world to investigate the structure and dynamics of catalyst particles

In his spare time Neil likes to travel, go scuba diving and work in his garden.