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Erika Tajra

Associate Lecturer in the Personalised Medicine Division, Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health and UCL Genomics 
Founder, Rejuven Health

Dr. Erika Tajra is an Associate Lecturer in the Personalised Medicine Division at Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health and UCL Genomics, and the founder of Rejuven Health, a startup dedicated to longevity and personal wellness. As an NHS clinician, she brings a wealth of experience in personalised medicine, women's and infant health, and global health delivery. Driven by a passion to integrate longevity science into healthcare, she aims to enhance patient outcomes globally. 

After graduating from St George's University of London in 2018, Dr. Tajra has engaged in various pivotal roles within the medical sector, extending her influence from the UK to Brazil and the USA. Her notable positions include working with the NHS in London and undertaking a research fellowship at the World Brain Mapping Foundation in California. Currently, she applies her extensive knowledge at Great Ormond Street Hospital, specialising in Personalised Medicine and Novel Therapies. 

In addition to her medical career, Dr. Tajra is an accomplished TV presenter, adept at making complex technological and medical concepts accessible to a wider audience. 

Education & Specialisations: 

Dr. Tajra has recently completed a significant research project at UCL's Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, focusing on app development for public engagement using no-code tools. Her expertise spans genomics, the human microbiome, stem cells, and a multi-omics healthcare approach. She frequently lectures on clinical genomics and the personalised microbiome's health. 

A specialist in nutrigenomics, Dr. Tajra emphasises tailored  solutions to individual microbiome and genetics  as part of her approach to personalised medicine.  

Her educational journey also includes a global health delivery program from Harvard's  Medical School and courses in clinical bioinformatics. 

Vision & Outreach: 

As the founder of Rejuven Health, Dr. Tajra guides individuals on a journey of discovery to replace health-detracting elements in their lives with rejuvenating alternatives. Rejuven Health focuses on empowering people with practical  solutions for taking control of their health. 

Dr. Tajra envisions a future where healthcare is profoundly influenced by AI, genomics, and individualised care. She is an advocate for global health delivery, believing that education, personalised medicine, and global health initiatives are key to improving health outcomes worldwide. 

Dr. Tajra's commitment to medical advancement, education, and her entrepreneurial venture with Rejuven Health positions her as an innovative figure in the evolving landscape of healthcare, personalised medicine, and wellness.