Tutor information

Nicolas Waern

CEO and Founder, Winniio 

Reality Researcher and Digital Twin Specialist, Nicolas Waern is a widely recognized subject matter expert in leveraging digital twin technology to digitally transform the built environment lifecycle.

He is the co-chair of the Manufacturing working group, the telecommunication working group for the Digital Twin Consortium, the Director of Dcarbon Solutions, the interim CSO of EDX Technologies, and the founder and CEO of WINNIIO Consulting.  

He has developed an innovative NASA-inspired reality improvement methodology for creating digital twins in any industry with special attention to the unique needs of real estate ecosystems through his globally recognized subject matter expertise in Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, BIM to Twin strategies and the Global energy transition.  

Nicolas is a thought leader in edge native strategies, federated digital twinning, and distributed intelligence. Nicolas excels at consolidating fragmented IoT data sources into a strategic AI-ready data fabric for the built environment providing informed perspectives on immersive XR visualization and human-centered design considerations enabling path-creation strategies leveraging digital twins in the AEC space.  

He is a keynote speaker, workshop leader, and sought-after educational expert when it comes to problem-solving, and digital transformation coupled with Digital Twin implementation strategies towards hi-fi holographic societies at scale coupled with 5G/6G national digital twin strategies.