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Aleksander Molak

Aleksander is a Machine Learning Researcher, Educator, Consultant and Author who gained experience working with Fortune 100, Fortune 500, and Inc. 5000 companies across Europe, the USA, and Israel, designing and building large scale machine learning systems.  

On a mission to democratize causality for businesses and machine learning practitioners,  Aleksander is a prolific writer, creator, international speaker and the author of a best selling book  Causal Inference and Discovery in Python.

He’s a founder of Lesprie.io, a company that provides machine learning trainings for corporate teams, the leader of CausalPython.io community and the host of the Causal Bandits Podcast. 

Aleksander has provided workshops and trainings for companies across industries, including market leaders like Mercedes Benz, innovative disruptors like e:fs TechHub, and more.