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Matt Kirk


Matt Kirk has been many things: a data scientist, software engineer, financial quant, co-founder, c-level executive, and so on. He is currently a principal machine learning scientist at Zeitworks, which is a startup focused on empowering knowledge workers using ML. His role at Zeitworks is to lead a data team and use machine learning to make the business process more streamlined.

Matt also has a deep passion for teaching machine learning. For years he has taught classes on machine learning with O'Reilly and is a published author (Thoughtful Machine Learning with Python). His focus has been encouraging students to grow through effective scaffolds and learning methods. He concentrated on education technology and machine learning during his master's program at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Besides teaching, Matt has focused his learning and growth on edge computing of machine learning models. For instance, he has built tooling used to deploy image models and tabular models inside the browser on top of web assembly using Rust. In addition he has helped pharmaceutical companies detect drug abuse quickly at scale.