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Kaouter Karboub

Dr Kaouter KARBOUB is an assistant professor of computer science and artificial intelligence at the Moroccan Institute of Engineering Sciences. She received her PhD degree in Microelectronics and Computer Sciences: Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence from Lorraine University-France.

She also holds an Engineering degree in Industrial Engineering and Logistic Operations from the High School of Electric and Mechanical Engineering in Morocco. She got High Honor degree for her dissertation “Contribution to improving medical care services using IoT and AI”.

She leads many non-profit associations to help women in the African world be involved in domains like AI for healthcare and education in cooperation with universities.

She is interested in intelligent systems that operate in large, nondeterministic, nonstationary or only partially known domains.
She believes that finding good solutions to these problems requires approaches that cut across many
different fields and, consequently, her research draws on areas such as artificial intelligence, decision theory, and operations research.

Dr Kaouter has been working with Ayse Mutlu and Fabrizio Romano to implement systems for test driven development for artificial intelligence in python.