Tutor information

Giulia Romei

Computational Linguist

She holds a Master's degree in Linguistics from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, where she focused on theoretical linguistics, generative grammar, philology and cognitive linguistics, and started specializing in computational linguistics. After completing her studies Giulia moved to London where she has been working as a Document Automation Specialist at WallStreetDocs for over 2 years.

At WallStreetDocs, Giulia started specializing in coding and working as a PHP developer, and she’s currently involved in researching AI applications for document automation, translation and data extraction. She divides her time between London and Italy, where she manages the Italian team of Document Automation Specialists.

Her personal interests and research focus on Cognitive Linguistics and Neurolinguistics (specifically AI applications in the analysis of the cognitive activity involved in language processing, with a focus on syntactic processing within the framework of generative grammar, and categorization, diagnosis and treatment of language disorders) and Computational Philology.

She is implementing these models in Python and GPT-3 in applications that need multimodal analysis.