Tricia Marsh

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Tricia was interested in archaeology at a young age and decided to pursue her interest after enjoying a couple of years of semi-retirement. 

'I started by doing the Certificate in Archaeology. Like a lot of my fellow students I was very interested by archaeology as a child. I remember watching the television programme, Animal, Vegetable or Mineral with panellists that included the archaeologists Glyn Daniel and Mortimer Wheeler.

'I had heard about the course and decided to apply after I had had a couple of years of semi-retirement. I was encouraged to do so after visiting an open day at the University dig at Marcham/Frilford. I found the second year of the certificate more difficult to combine with my part time job (I have enormous respect for those students who manage to also work full time) so had a break of two years before carrying on to the Diploma in British Archaeology when I had fully retired. I also got involved with the East Oxford Archaeology project and the two year break enabled me to spend more time with it.

'My training as a Speech and Language Therapist had been quite vocational and I don’t remember writing what I would call really academic essays. So that was my greatest challenge but also one of the most enjoyable and satisfying aspects. I have also enjoyed the more practical activities such as the annual excavation week and getting to know my fellow students. It’s been wonderful to have all the facilities of Oxford University, for example, excellent teaching from enthusiastic lecturers and access to the libraries.

'So now I am coming to the end of five years of study as I am doing the Advanced Diploma in British Archaeology this year. I have to write a 10000 word dissertation. That is also challenging but I managed an 8000 word extended essay last year so I am optimistic about completing it!

'I am already thinking about what to do in the next academic year. I am not planning to continue on to a Masters but I will definitely attend some of the termly courses offered by the Continuing Education Department probably branching out into different subjects

'I feel privileged and fortunate to live in Oxford and have such easy access to all that Conted has to offer. I’d say to others who are thinking of applying for one of the courses in Archaeology, yes do it, there is support available if like me you are daunted at the thought about writing essays after many years. If you are interested in archaeology, these courses are excellent.'

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