Martha Pretorius

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The MSc in Nanotechnology enabled Martha to progress towards a career in academic medicine whilst continuing her clinical career.

'I am a current student in the MSc in Nanotechnology program in my final year. By day, I am a doctor working in Emergency Medicine and on cruise ships.

'I decided to do the MSc in Nanotechnology for Medicine and Health Care as I feel that nanoscale technologies will be the next big progressive step in clinical medicine / precision medicine. I wished to do the MSc as a method of changing direction mid-career and progressing towards a career in academic medicine. It is very convenient to study through the Department for Continuing Education as this meant I did not need to give up my clinical career in order to study further.

'I have found the course extremely interesting and engaging. I have learnt a great deal from other disciplines such as materials science and physics. The most challenging aspect of the course for me was Module 2 (Fundamental Science of Nanotechnology) as I had to re-learn physics which I had not used in a long time.

'One of the best things about the course is the diversity in origin and academic background of my classmates on the course. This creates a constant learning environment and plenty of fun. The tutors on the course are very knowledgeable with practical insight into their respective fields.

'Once I have completed the course I would like to apply to do a DPhil / PhD or specialize in Infectious Disease / Clinical Pharmacology and further my career in academic medicine.

'I can with full confidence recommend this course to anyone who wishes to apply as I am enjoying it immensely and I feel it has opened doors for me that may not have been possible via more traditional medical routes.'

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