Jake Heath-Grey

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Patient constituent, software developer and entrepreneur, Jake Heath-Grey enrolled on the Advanced Diploma in IT Systems Analysis and Design to learn more about leveraging the power of advanced systems analysis and data solutions.

Prior to enrolling on the course, I had two positions; working as a Patient Constituent for the National Health Service, and Director for a privately-held company in the UK working in front-end development.

Having previously studied at the University of Oxford it was of paramount importance that the quality and expertise in the subject of ‘system analysis and design’ was thorough as previously experienced. In addition, the University of Oxford has a world-class reputation and connections assured me I would have access to the best teaching materials in the world to allow me to excel to my full potential.

The most challenging aspect of the programme was the object and architecture methods of object-orientated programming (OOP) with the complex and comprehensive curricula. Understanding, adapting, and implementing object-orientation to relational databases has been beneficial. 

What I enjoyed the most about the course was gathering the experience and knowledge which would be used in my future front-end and software development. Consequently, I also made a couple of lifetime friends, which has been valuable too.

My plans for the future are focused on developing data analysis, software, and AI applications in healthcare and launching my data analysis software ‘goldfishes.co.uk’ for businesses later in the year. I have also recently submitted my data analysis software to The United States Copyright Office, a part of the Library of Congress.

This course has given me the foundations I need to progress and I'd encourage anyone to study at the University of Oxford.

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