Guillaume Soto-Mayor

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Guillaume made friends for life during his time studying the Foreign Service Programme (now called the Diplomatic Studies Programme) and the experience developed his diplomatic, writing and negotiation skills. As part of the DSP 50th anniversary we asked Guillaume to reflect back on his time here at Oxford (2016-17).

'I was working within the Research and Awareness Section of the West and Central Africa Office of UNODC before joing the programme. I applied as I wanted to enrich my academic and intellectual background as well as reflect on my "practitioner" views of the world with a wonderful variety of diplomatic practices, philosophies and cultures.

'I particularly enjoyed the Diplomatic practice and International Poltics courses, I loved the intellectual debates and great discussions we had with various guests. The small size of classes and the opportunity to discuss directly with brilliant lecturers which allowed us to have truly insightful and thorough conversations on various topics.

'As well as gaining friends for life the programme gave me more humility and professional discipline. I have so many favourite memories from my time on the programme: study trips, formal diners, balls, my boxing team at OUABC, sunday markets, concerts in the Sheldonian...

'I currently work as Head of Operations for the security-defense research team of the CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers) in Paris, as a lecturer in various Master degrees (Sciences Po Paris, Sciences Po Strasbourg, Saint Andrews, CNAM) and as an independant consultant (UN, EU, IUCN etc.).

'FSP had a major impact in my career as it has enhanced the critical perspective on my own work as well as on my environment. It has considerably developed my interpersonal/diplomatic/writing and negotiation skills and obtaining the diploma  allowed me to apply and access the various jobs I currently have.

'To anyone considerint applying - don't hesitate a minute more.'

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