Anna Aghadjanian

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The Diplomatic Studies Programme was the ideal programme for Anna, Ambassador of Armenia to Indonesia, as she was ready to take some time off work and go back to the world of academia. Anna is an alumna from 2000-01.

'I am from Armenia and before I enrolled on the programme I was Head of the UN Desk at the Foreign Ministry. It had been almost ten years since I graduated, and taking a year off work and going back to the world of academia was most refreshing.

'The course itself was set up in such a way as to encourage independent work and reading, so I tried to profit of it as much as possible to catch up with the books in politics and much beyond. Plus, there were public lectures on various subjects which were a phenomenal way of getting a glimpse of what happens outside the world of applied diplomacy.

'I found the interactive seminars most enjoyable, especially the Director’s seminar. I still, once in a while, use the advice and tips which we got from Ambassador Long. Also the formal dinners were a brilliant way to socialize with inspiring people and to practice the skills we gained during the course.

'I am sure every course year was unique, but of course ours was the best! It was a wonderful group of people, we spent a lot time together outside the classes, I learned a lot from my colleagues and I am forever grateful to have met those wonderful people.

'After the programme I did two tours in Brussels, at the Mission to the EU, and served as Ambassador to Indonesia. The jobs at the Ministry included the positions of the Head of Human Rights desk and that of the Director for Europe. I cannot pinpoint the direct impact of the FSP but it has, in many ways, helped me in the years that followed the course.

'To anyone considering applying do it! No matter how hard I try, I cannot think of one reason why you should not apply for it.'

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