Improving quality, reducing cost in learning

JISC, the UK's leading authority on information and digital technologies for education and research, has produced a video highlighting the Department's success in harnessing the potential of technology to improve the quality of provision in learning, while reducing costs, via our 'Cascade' project.

Marion Manton, e-Learning Project Manager with the Department's Technology-Assisted Lifelong Learning (TALL) team, said that Cascade 'looked at all the ways we could use technology to either help us do things more efficiently, improve the service that we offer to our students, or to allow us to do new activities.'

Oxford's Department for Continuing Education was founded in 1878 for the express purpose of bringing Oxford learning to adults. In the early 19th and 20th century it was the rail network that brought Oxford lecturers into learning centres across Britain; today the internet and technology that lets us reach students around the globe.

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Published 6 July 2012