Free lectures in Evidence-Based Health Care

The public is invited to attend two free talks, 9th and 12th September, on Teaching Evidence-Based Practice, as part of the MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care. Both talks are free and will take place at Rewley House in Wellington Square in Oxford. There is no need to book.

Monday 9 September
Dr Jeremy Howick, Research Fellow, Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine
18:30, Mawby Pavilion, Rewley House

TITLE: Bias is good - for teaching the principles of Evidence-Based Medicine using historical examples

In this lecture Dr. Jeremy Howick will illustrate how to teach Evidence-Based Medicine in a way that guarantees students will remember forever. The method involves appealing to a cognitive bias that allows stories to impress themselves on our brains much more than numbers or concepts.

The method Dr. Howick proposes will allow the important yet hitherto obscure concepts such as relative risk, regression to the mean, and randomisation rr patients to be understood once and for all by patients, doctors, and policy makers.

This talk is intended for students and teachers of evidence-based medicine.

Dr Jeremy Howick is a Research Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine. His research draws on his interdisciplinary training as a philosopher of science and clinical epidemiologist. His work focuses on three areas: Evidence-Based Medicine, placebo research, and point of care tests.

Thursday 12 September
Dr Michael Crilly, Senior Lecturer (Clinical), University of Aberdeen
18.30, Mawby Pavilion, Rewley House

TITLE: Developing Tomorrow's Doctors: What's the role of Evidence-Based Medicine?

Dr Michael Crilly is a Clinical Epidemiologist interested in coronary heart disease (CHD) - particularly Angina Pectoris. He is interested in the influence of gender and development and management of CHD; and also in the non-invasive detection of sub-clinical atherosclerosis using techniques such as pulse wave analysis (PWA). His teaching interest is the application of epidemiology to clinical practice and Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM). Dr Crilly has taught the principles of EBM for more than 10 years.

Both talks are free and there is no need to book.

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Published 3 September 2013