Certificates, transcripts and CATS points records

How to obtain a your academic records (certificates, transcripts and CATS points)

Certificates (award-bearing courses)

Matriculated courses

Non-matriculated courses

  • Certificates will be presented at our annual Award Ceremony, or sent if you cannot attend.

  • You can order a replacement certificate (if it has been lost, stolen or damaged), through the University’s online store.

Certificates (non-award-bearing courses)

Accredited courses

  • Students may be presented with a Certificate of Completion if they did not register for credit, but completed the course to the required standard.

  • Students may request a Statement of Participation if they attended some or all of the course, but did not submit work, or if their submitted work did not meet the required standard.

Non-accredited courses

  • Students may (depending on the course) be presented with a University of Oxford Certificate of Attendance or Certificate of Participation. Normally presented towards the end of the course, it will include the student’s name, and the course title and dates.

To request a replacement certificate for any of the above, contact the course team (there may be a small charge).

Transcripts (accredited courses)

A transcript is a formal record of what you have studied, and includes a breakdown of your marks and your final outcome.

  • The Department will send you your transcript after the Board of Examiners has confirmed the results.

  • You can request a provisional transcript through the University’s online store.

  • You can order a replacement transcript (if it has been lost, stolen or damaged), through the University’s online store.

Credit Accumulation Transfer Scheme records (CATS points)

This scheme is for students who want to transfer credit between institutions (see Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme, and qualification frameworks to learn more).

Weekly and short online accredited courses

If you are taking an accredited Weekly Oxford Worldwide course, Weekly Class or Short Online course:

  • You may register for credit (CATS points), before your course starts; or

  • You may apply for CATS points retrospectively from January 1st following the academic year in which the course took place (visit the University's  online store, and purchase 'Retrospective CATS points').

  • You will receive a Record of CATS Points upon successful completion of your coursework (normally at the end of each term).

  • You can order an additional or a replacement Record of CATS Points through the University’s online store (there will be a small charge).