Student representation

Student representatives

Student representatives are valued members of course and departmental committees, and of the Student Union's Student Council. Find out how you can represent your fellow students.

Course committees

If you are interested in becoming a representative on your own course committee, please speak to your Course Administrator.

Departmental committees, Continuing Education Strategic Management Board and Student Union

Some student representatives on course committees also serve on departmental committees and the Continuing Education Strategic Management Board:

  • Academic Board (AB)
  • Assessment and Teaching Committee (ATC)
  • Committee on Library Provision (CLiP)
  • Continuing Education Strategic Management Board (CESMB)
  • Digital Education Group (DEG)
  • Graduate School Committee (GSC)
  • Student-Staff Committee (SSC)

Between them these cover the full span of the Department’s activities, such as library resources, content of the graduate training programme, enhancing teaching and learning through digital technology, new course development, academic policy affecting all students, and University-wide consultations.

To express your interest, contact us at the email addresses below. Where there is more than one vacancy we endeavour to have representation from different award levels and subject areas. Meetings for each committee generally take place during the working day once or twice per term.

All representatives on departmental and course committees are automatically members of the Student-Staff committee.

From 2021/22 two representatives, representing students on matriculated courses and on non-matriculated award-bearing courses, may be appointed to the Student Union’s Student Council.

Committee contacts

Assessment and Teaching Committee/ Academic Board/ Continuing Education Strategic Management Board/ Student Union:

Committee on Library Provision:

Graduate School Committee:

Student-Staff Committee:

Digital Education Group: