Continuing Education Award Ceremony

Annual ceremony at the Sheldonian Theatre

For students who complete non-matriculated award-bearing courses

The Department's annual Award Ceremony takes place at the Sheldonian Theatre in the spring. The event marks students' completion of the Department's non-matriculated award-bearing courses. Students travel from around the world to attend the ceremony. 

Our March 2023 ceremony was for those who successfully completed their studies in 2022. Details of our next ceremony will be announced in due course.

Matriculated students (receiving Master's and DPhils) attend a graduation ceremony with their college instead. Please contact your College Administrator for further details about your college graduation ceremony.

Video content

You can get an idea what the annual award ceremony is like by watching the short online videos listed below:

Success stories

Former students of the Department have continued studies through the University of Oxford, achieving higher degrees, or have gone on to pursue careers connected to courses they have studies at the Department. You can read some student spotlights here.

Past ceremony photos