After your course

Results and award of qualifications

After the final items of assessment have been marked and moderated, the Board of Examiners will meet to confirm results and award the qualification. You will then receive a letter confirming your results for the year and, if you have reached the end of your course, a full transcript of your marks.

Details of examiners and reports are available at the Examiners web portal. The list is updated during the year as appointments are confirmed. Please note that students are not permitted to contact external examiners directly.             

Award ceremony (for non-matriculated undergraduate and postgraduate graduands)

The Department’s Award ceremony is normally in March or April of the year following the end of your course.

Graduation (for matriculated graduands)

Students on matriculated courses of a fixed duration will receive an email near the end of Michaelmas term in their final year of study, with instructions on how to book their degree ceremony. Students on courses of variable duration will be invited to register for a degree ceremony once they have completed their course.

If you have any questions, please contact either the Degree Ceremonies team or your college. 


A ‘transcript’ is an official record of your course of study and your results. You will automatically receive a transcript at the end of your course (see Transcripts and Certificates).

What you could do next

Further study or an academic career

Alumni benefits and careers advice

Outreach, support and community engagement

  • Share your experiences with prospective students at one of our Open Days.

  • Tell others about your academic journey by contributing a Student Spotlight (contact your course administrator).

  • Stay in touch with us by becoming a Friend of Lifelong Learning.

  • Help others to achieve their goals by becoming a donor.

  • Tell your friends about the Department and the value of lifelong learning.