Tutor information

Wenqi Glantz

Software Architect, ArisGlobal

Wenqi is a Software Architect at ArisGlobal, where she focuses on the modernization efforts within application development and DevOps domains across their platform. With over 20 years of experience in IT, Wenqi’s expertise spans several industries including banking, life sciences, financial services, compliance services, and IT consulting. 

Wenqi is an advocate for the open source community, with an emphasis on Generative AI. Her recent focus has been on LlamaIndex, the data framework for LLM applications. Through a series of blog posts and building RAG pipelines, she has delved into the many facets of LlamaIndex including the various query engines, data agents, chat engines, production-ready LLM app design strategies, and fine-tuning both LLMs and embeddings, etc. Wenqi is passionate about exploring emerging technologies and crafting quality products.