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Robbie Stevens

Aero Technology Lead - Alpine F1 Team 


Robbie is the leader of the Aerodynamics Technology group at Alpine F1 Team. He joined the Team in 2016. His work includes the development of physics based aerodynamic models, diagnostic tools, data analysis and future methodology. In addition, he is also responsible for a number of technical and academic partnerships.  

Prior to joining the Team, Robbie was a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the Cambridge University Engineering Department and a Clare College Cambridge Research Associate conducting research in high Mach number flows. 

Robbie received his Ph.D. from Cambridge University in 2015. His Ph.D. research involved the development of a reduced-order theoretical model to describe flapping-wing flight (at small bird/insect scales).

Robbie is also a chartered member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and the author of several published works in Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics.