Adrian Stokes

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Dr Adrian Stokes is Interim Director of the Department for Continuing Education, University of Oxford. 

From 2010 to 2020, Adrian was Deputy Director of the Department with particular responsibility for the Graduate School and for courses in health care, sustainable urban development, ecology, technology, and engineering. In many of these areas, he was responsible for collaborations with departments across the University and with a variety of other organisations, including the National Health Service.

Adrian was formerly Director of Masters Programmes and Continuing Professional Development at the Institute of Clinical Education, Warwick Medical School, with overall responsibility for a wide range of postgraduate programmes including diabetes care, primary care, public health, mental health, dentistry, clinical leadership and medical education.

Prior to that he led the accredited teacher development programme at the University of Warwick and held lectureships at Newman College and the University of Leicester.

His academic interests are in evidence-based educational practice, e-learning, higher education and medical education teacher development, and the educational applications of discourse analysis and narrative theory.