Punctuation, Grammar and Spelling


This concentrated study day will give you an opportunity to sort out problems of punctuation, grammar and spelling in a friendly and supportive workshop. In many ways, all three key areas are interlinked and this should become clear as we work through the day, enabling you to become more confident and correct in your written English .

Punctuation and grammar

This day school is for you if you are sometimes uncertain about using a comma or a semi colon, or which tense to use? Modern forms of communication often disregard the rules of grammar and punctuation but the accurate use of language remains key to elegant and effective academic writing. This writing skills workshop will explore the basic rules of punctuation and grammar and provide opportunties to practise them.


Anxiety about spelling can inhibit your writing, especially your choice of words. Weak spelling can influence an examiner or employer and it detracts from the general impression of a piece of writing. Even in these days of word processors there are still times when you need to write without relying on a spellchecker!

Programme details

The day will cover:

  • improving effective sentence construction
  • developing a style
  • identification and correct use of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions and conjunctions
  • the correct use of all punctuation marks
  • the use of accurate verb tenses
  • avoiding ambiguity.

We will also look briefly at:

  • the history of English spelling
  • basic spelling patterns
  • common problems such as: homophones, prefixes/suffixes, double letters, vowel sounds, silent letters
  • useful spelling rules
  • memorizing strategies
  • techniques for continuing to improve your spelling and confidence with vocabulary over the longer term.


Description Costs
Course Fee £75.00


If you are in receipt of a UK state benefit or are a full-time student in the UK you may be eligible for a reduction of 50% of tuition fees.

Concessionary fees for short courses


Mrs Anne West


Anne West has been teaching Study Skills at OUDCE, both face-to-face and online, for over 10 years. The thought of spending a day with students teaching spelling, punctuation, grammar or any other aspect of written English fills her with joy. She believes that a piece of writing, at whatever level, deserves to be written and read, as clearly as possible, to give pleasure and satisfaction to both writer and recipient – and also to save a lot of time for both.

She’s also been involved with writing and editing for the BBC – children’s radio and TV.

Course aims

To identify, explore and resolve common punctuation, grammar and spelling problems.

Teaching methods

A range of teaching methods will be used including; mini-lectures, elicit exercises, class discussion, small group discussion, group exercises and individual exercises. The workshop will be fully supported with handouts and students will be encouraged to discuss study problems and solutions and to practise new skills.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the workshop you will have:

  • surveyed common punctuation and grammar mistakes and examined the rules you need to learn in order to correct them;
  • practised applying the basic rules of punctuation and grammar;
  • identified your own punctuation and grammar weaknesses and acquired strategies for tackling them.
  • surveyed common spelling problems and challenges;
  • examined basic spelling patterns and rules;
  • practised applying spelling patterns and rules;
  • identified your own spelling weaknesses and acquired strategies for tackling them.


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