Preparatory Study Skills Programme for OUDCE Award Course students 2020~21


Assignment Writing Skills


****** Please Note: This course is open to OUDCE award-bearing course students only. Please email with the Title, Code and Date of this course and the name of the Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma programme you are currently enrolled on. You will be sent an email confirmation once your enrolment has been processed. ******


Whether you are new to study or are experiencing a problem with some aspect of essay-writing, this workshop will help you to develop a systematic approach to planning, writing and presenting your assignment.

This session is designed for students new to study but will also be of interest to students experiencing problems with a particular aspect of essay writing or wishing to develop a more systematic approach to planning, writing and presenting their assignment. We shall discuss common problems and explore ways of:

- interpreting the question;

- producing an essay plan;

- constructing, developing and supporting your argument;

- writing your introduction and conclusion;

- reading critically to improve your writing and editing skills;

- presenting your footnotes and bibliography.

The session will include group and individual exercises to practise the skills discussed.


Description Costs
Free for UG Award-bearing course students £0.00


Mrs Anne West

Anne West has been teaching Study Skills at OUDCE, both face-to-face and online, for over 10 years. The thought of spending a day with students teaching spelling, punctuation, grammar or any other aspect of written English fills her with joy. She believes that a piece of writing, at whatever level, deserves to be written and read, as clearly as possible, to give pleasure and satisfaction to both writer and recipient – and also to save a lot of time for both.

She’s also been involved with writing and editing for the BBC – children’s radio and TV.

Teaching methods

A range of teaching methods will be used including: mini-lectures, elicit exercises, class discussion, small group discussion, group exercises and individual exercises. The workshop will be fully supported with handouts and students will be encouraged to discuss study problems and solutions and to practise new skills.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the workshop students will have:

- Explored techniques to use in researching, planning, writing and presenting an academic essay;

- Practised essay planning and writing skills;

- Identified ways of improving their own planning, writing and presentational skills.